Tenancy Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for a rental property with Michael Burr & Associates.

Please find below an outline of the property management process when making an application for a property that is managed by our office.

First step is to complete a full application which includes supplying all the requested supporting documentation that is outlined on page 5 of the Tenancy Application Form. Please find the link to download a pdf copy of our application form below.


All adults (people aged 18 years and over) are required to complete a full application including a copy of photo identification, 2x most recent payslips/income statements and a current credit check. A current credit check must be dated no more than 6 weeks prior to your application being submitted. If you do not have a credit check you can make an Application for Personal Information through the Tasmanian Collection Service (TCS), Request Personal Information Record – Tasmanian Collection Service (tascol.com.au). When completing your personal information check with TCS you will be given the option to either pay a small fee for same day service or to apply for the free check which can take up to 21 days to be processed. If you do choose to proceed with the free option, please be aware that your application will not be put forward for any property until this check has been received. Please contact our office if you are experiencing difficulty with providing all requested information for your application and our friendly team can assist you.

You can return a completed application via email to reception@mbre.com.au or in person to our office at 47 Oldaker Street, Devonport. Once a completed application is received our property management team will review the information and check references. Suitable applicants will then be forwarded on to the owner of the property for approval. If you become an approved applicant, you will be contacted and offered an appointment time to inspect the property. Only approved applicants will be invited to inspect the property as this is a safety measure implemented as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Once you have inspected the property, you will then be offered the opportunity to sign a lease. Please note that becoming an approved applicant of a property does not mean that you are obligated to sign a lease if the property is not suitable for your needs.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications our office receives, you will not be contacted if you are not successful with your application.